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Wallpaper Removal

wallpaper removal Birmingham ALOne Call Painting provides wallpaper removal services in Birmingham because it’s tough work to do it yourself. Don’t spend hours of your time on this back-breaking work when you can hire reliable, affordable house painters to do it for you.

Get rid of ugly, old paper without all the stress.
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Offering professional wallpaper removal service, we know that the best technique for removing old, peeling wallpaper depends on the type of paper, adhesive, application and length of time it’s been on the wall.

Wallpaper Removal in Birmingham AL

Professional Wallpaper Removal Service

Over the past few years, many brands have developed wallpaper that can easily be peeled away, but traditional products require chemicals or steaming. And because drywall can deteriorate quickly when moisture is applied, it’s best to trust a reputable wall paper removal company to handle this process.

remove old wallpaperScoring, stripping and steaming – For most traditional products, we begin the process by scoring the paper which allows moisture to pass through and permeate the paper. After that, we can saturate the paper with a stripping solution or steam it to break the adhesive bond.

Scraping – Our next step in affordable wallpaper removal is scraping away the existing paper. This is the most time-consuming part of the process because it must be done carefully to prevent damages to the wall.

Clean up and repairs – Finally, we’ll need to wash away any adhesive residue that remains. We’ll make repairs to any dings or scrapes that may have occurred during the project.

Wallpaper Removal Prices

Most of our clients that take advantage of our wallpaper removal service also trust us for interior house painting to finish the look of the space. Our free price quotes can provide you with the cost of just the removal or the removal and paint. Contact an BBB A+ rated business for help with your toughest jobs today!

We provide wallpaper removal services in Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia, Mountain Brook and Pelham, AL.

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